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Legacy in the Park

As you can see above an information panel has been installed at Buckingham Park, in Shoreham, introducing the history of Shoreham Army Camp from 1914 to 1919. This is thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding, the design skills of Jennie Osborne, text by Gail Mackintosh, editing by Hamish MacGillivray and manufacture by Shelley signs. Also a big thanks to Peter Whish and his team from Adur and Worthing Council Parks and Foreshore for installing the lectern style panel at the Park. This was made due to the demand from local people who attended our Shoreham Army Camp guided tour in August 2015 around the Park. Many asked why could there not be a panel showing some highlights of the fascinating First World War history?

This information panel is an introduction to the ‘hidden’ history of the land around Buckingham Park when Shoreham-by-Sea was ‘invaded’ by thousands of young men (and some young women) from Britain, Canada and South Africa. They came at first to train for trench warfare. After 1915 soldiers came to recover at Shoreham Army Camp from minor wounds suffered while fighting in France and Belgium.

The panel has 3 topics (origins of Camp, entertainment for troops and research by volunteers in 2014/2015) highlighted by a quote with text and eye catching photos. The main feature is a reproduction of the map of the Camp or ‘hutments’ as recorded in 1917. This is from a map to be found in the West Sussex Record Office at Chichester. What is very interesting is that the layout and roads of the Camp were adopted by building developers after 1920 when they started building bungalows in this part of Shoreham. The panel also has the research website address for people to explore more First World War history on

To find the panel go to the tennis courts and bowling green side of Buckingham Park, near Upper Shoreham Road and you will find the panel in the Remembrance Garden. After your visit pop into the nearby Park Cafe for tea and cakes. This is the last part of the project ‘Training for War’ so a big thanks to all Worthing Museum staff, local volunteers, Worthing College students and tutors and all the suppliers who helped this project.


Behind the Scenes booklet

Well, it’s not the final end of this project as a reminder we have spare copies of ‘Behind the Scenes.’ Lots of visual pictures and comments on 22 pages about the project and some very useful tips, see enclosed image. If you would like a FREE copy send an a5 SAE to Training for War project c/o Worthing Museum, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1HP. Offer open until April 2016.

Coming next in early 2016….a surprise for Buckingham Park at Shoreham.

Behind the scenes excerpt (1)

End of Project: party and legacy

End of Project Party
22nd September 2015: We held an End of Project Party last Tuesday, generously hosted by the Sussex Archaeological Society’s Marlipins Museum in Shoreham. As our exhibition is currently up at Marlipins it was the ideal venue for a wrap party.

We were joined by our volunteers, supporting partners, such as Jason Lee from Worthing College and Justin Russell from Archaeology South-East, private and family collectors and many more of the great people who have helped make this project a success.

Emma O'Connor, Sussex Archaeological Society's Museum Officer and Chairman Carson Albury, delivering thank you speeches.
Emma O’Connor, Sussex Archaeological Society’s Museum Officer and Chairman Carson Albury, delivering thank you speeches.

Carson Albury, Chairman of Adur and Michael Donin, Mayor of Worthing kindly joined us and delivered excellent speeches.

Worthing Mayor Michael Donin and Chairman of Adur Carson Albury holding up our latest find, a 1918 pick head found on Slonk Hil.
Worthing Mayor Michael Donin and Chairman of Adur Carson Albury holding up our latest find, a 1918 pick head found on Slonk Hil, presented by Worthing Museum, Curator Hamish MacGillivray.

And Caroline George from the Heritage Lottery Fund also popped in to see how we had got on.

Caroline George (left) from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Gail Mackintosh, Project Coordinator.
Caroline George (left) from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Gail Mackintosh, Project Coordinator.

It was a great event thanks to the volunteers and staff at Marlipins Museum and gave us the opportunity to thank everyone involved.

Archaeologist Justin Russell (middle) talks to local landowners, Christina and Rob Keith.
Archaeologist Justin Russell (middle) talks to local landowners, Christina and Rob Keith.


The project is now at a close but we have left some important legacies for the future.

The exhibition will remain up in Marlipins Museum, Shoreham, until 3rd October. The display panels will then be used as part of our ongoing schools education programme at Worthing Museum .

As for all our research it is now accessible to all though our new website:

Please do spread the word!

We have created a final publication – a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Booklet showing all our work along the way. Copies of the booklet will be available at Worthing Museum, Marlipins Museum and around the local libraries.

The many objects loaned  to the project will be returned to their owners but Marlipins Museum would be happy to take in any more collections relating to the Army Camp in the future.

So, it is goodbye for now, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.


Exhibition moves to Worthing College

11th June: This week the project exhibition, ‘Training for War: Exploring Shoreham Army Camp 1914-1919’ moved to Worthing College for it’s students, teachers and parents to enjoy between the 18th June and 2nd July.

Members of the public will also get a chance to see the display whilst it is up at the College on 20th-21st June and on 27th-28th June between 11am and 5pm.

Hamish installs the boxing dummy.
Hamish installs the boxing dummy.

On show are our graphic displays, finds from the students’ metal-detecting on Slonk Hill and a chance to try out some metal detecting on our mini-field.

The mini-field under construction.
The mini-field under construction.
Installing nails found on Slonk hill by Worthing College students metal-detecting, Sept 2014.
Installing nails found on Slonk hill by Worthing College students metal-detecting, Sept 2014.

The students of the Creative Media and Production Class will also be displaying the films they created as part of the project on their reactions to what they learnt about the Camp.

Over the next few weeks these films will also be made available on our new website page for Student Films.

We will also be re-posting some of the blogs the students kept about their behind the scenes process in creating these films.


Project website underway

This week we have opened the basic version of our website to the public. You can visit it through the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery website here:

website screen shot

Over the next three months we will be adding our research  and films created by Worthing college students to this site. Each time a section is complete look out for an announcement here on our blog.

Exhibition and upcoming events

On 25th of April our project exhibition, “Training for War: Exploring Shoreham Army Camp 1914-1919” opened at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery with great success.

Behind the Scenes:

NADFAS volunteer creating our boxing dummy.
NADFAS volunteer creating our boxing dummy.
Volunteers install objects for the exhibition.
Volunteers install objects for the exhibition.

The open day was well-attended with around 60-70 guests including many of our volunteers, partners and supporters.  

Open day visitors

Visitors on the open day explore the exhibits.
Visitors on the open day explore the exhibits.
Project coordinator recruited by Gary Baines, Shoreham Fort!
Project coordinator recruited by Gary Baines, Shoreham Fort!

Worthing Mayor Vic Walker and Deputy Mayor Michael Donin gave great speeches and the Connaught Theatre hosted a cinema showing of films produced by the students of Worthing College on the project.

The Mayor's speech.
The Mayor’s speech.

Short Exhibition edit of the student films.

The exhibition is open to the public and will remain in Worthing Museum until the end of May 2015. But the project is far from over. Over the next 4 months we are delivering events all over Worthing and Shoreham and will be working on developing a project website which will remain as a lasting legacy for our research.

Our events

18th -28th June:  Project Exhibition up at Worthing College.

5th July: Trench day at Shoreham Fort with Shoreham Sea Scouts.

11th July: pop-up stand at Queen Alexandra Hospital Home’s Open Day

18th July: WW1 Archaeology Open Day at Worthing Museum

8th August: pop-up stands at Shoreham Market

21st August (tbc): Walking tour in Shoreham

2nd September – 3rd October:  Project Exhibition up at Marlipins Museum, Shoreham.

There will be further details updated on the Worthing Museum events page soon.

New Project Co-Ordinator

6th October 2014: Announcing a new project co-coordinator for ‘Training for War’. Gail Mackintosh joins us from Horsham Museum and Art Gallery. She will be organising all the future events and training for students and older volunteers. She is already talking to local private collectors about the discovery of First World War postcards of Shoreham Army Camp.

Gail on Mill Hill side of former Camp

‘I am really excited to be joining the project and have dived in head-first. I think the project is a great opportunity to engage young and old in the local community with our shared heritage. And to honour the memory of those who lived and died in World War One locally by uncovering and sharing their stories from Shoreham Army Camp.’

This post is being paid by the Heritage Lottery Fund grant organised by Worthing Museum in partnership with Worthing College. To contact Gail directly please email:

Shoreham Army Camp history project wins HLF support

Training for War

Did you know there was a huge First World War training camp at Shoreham-by-Sea? The team at Worthing Museum and Shoreham residents have been digging around looking for clues and thanks to a new £38,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Worthing College students and older volunteers will learn more and show their findings in 2015.

Jason Lee, Film Studies and Creative Media Production Teacher from Worthing College, says

“This Heritage Lottery Fund supported project is an exciting way of creating partnerships between Worthing College and museums and archives in Sussex and also creating links with our students and older volunteers. On a more personal level for the students it is a way to discover and appreciate the events of the First World War in a local and international context.”

The proposed plan is that students and volunteers will be trained in archive research, mapping and oral history and visit archives that contain more forgotten clues about the Shoreham Army Camp such as entertainment and mutiny.

In the autumn of 1914 over 20,000 recruits at first lived in tents then later wooden huts in the area surrounding Buckingham Park and Slonk Hill overlooking Shoreham. Life was very tough for the new recruits who came from all over Britain. By 1916 the British recruits were replaced by Canadian soldiers many who were recovering from trench warfare.

A touring exhibition and film of the findings will start at Worthing Museum in April 2015. Worthing Museum and Worthing College will be working with volunteers at Shoreham Fort, Royal Alexandra Hospital Home, Royal British Legion, Archaeology South East and local residents. Local councillors are excited by this project,

Worthing Councillor Mary Lermitte says

“Congratulations to the Worthing Museum staff for successfully bidding for the Heritage Lottery Fund grant. I did not know the Shoreham Army Camp existed until quite recently and I really look forward to knowing more about it.”

Adur Councillor Debbie Kennard says

“We have so much in the area that is part of the rich tapestry of Britain, and I for one never realised how much Shoreham and its neighbours had taken part in this forgotten story from the First World War. Working with strong partnerships will enable this project to be a success.”

Stuart McLeod, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund South East says

“The impact of the First World War was far reaching, touching and shaping every corner of the UK and beyond. In this Centenary year we’re pleased to support groups like Worthing Museum who, through this project, will enable the local community to explore their wartime stories and help to build a lasting physical legacy for generations to come.”


About the Heritage Lottery Fund

Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) aims to make a lasting difference for heritage, people and communities across the UK and help build a resilient heritage economy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. HLF has supported almost 36,000 projects with more than £6 bn across the UK.

End of press release

Information for press contacts

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For further information about the project please contact Hamish MacGillivray, Exhibitions Curator, Worthing Museum and Art Gallery   telephone 01903-221443

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