On This Day1917: Unhappy soldiers go AWOL

Privates John Carmichael and Frank Conway of the 23rd Canadian Reserve Battalion were charged with being absent without leave from Shoreham Camp.

The two were spotted at Goff’s Park by P.S. S. J. Capelin and challenged for their passes which they did not have. Carmichael claimed they had been robbed after a visit to London. P.S. Capelin took them to the Police Station with assistance from two civilians where the men finally admitted being absent form Shoreham Camp. When asked why, Conway declared that they were treated ‘pretty harsh’ at the Camp, ‘not treated as men’. He had been late back before and had had 4 days pay cut and 14 days punishment. The magistrate remarked that it did not seem to have been a deterrent and the two were remanded in custody to await military escort.

Check out the full story in the West Sussex County Times:
30.06.1917 WSCT

(West Sussex County Times, 30/06/1917)
West Sussex County Council Library Service www.westsussexpast.org.uk


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