On This Day in Shoreham Army Camp 1915: Claim that the war-time teetotal campaign is based on gross exaggerations.

A letter from Albert Thomas to the Editors of the Gazettes suggests that Mr. Lloyd George and his teetotal campaign have exaggerated the alcohol intake since the outbreak of the war. The alleged excessive drinking, leading to “rioting and violent deaths”, on the part of the sailors, soldiers, and their wives, should not to be considered true. Brewster Sessions have proved that the vast majority of places throughout the country, including Sussex, have had a substantial reduction in drunkenness. In the Steyning area (including Shoreham Army Camp) drunkenness charges have actually fallen since 1914 from 53 to 32.

“Did not a Bishop say he would rather see England free than sober?”

'Thumbs Up' Courtesy of Drina Green.
‘Thumbs Up’
Courtesy of Drina Green.

 Check out the full story in the Worthing Gazette:

Worthing Gazette_10.3.1915

  (Worthing Gazette, 10/3/15)
West Sussex County Council Library Service www.westsussexpast.org.uk


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