Students and volunteers put their heads together

Wednesday 5th November :

On Wednesday morning the Worthing College Creative Media Production students visited us at Worthing Museum. We were also joined by four of our older volunteers who joined the project in October as researchers.

The purpose of the day was to introduce WWI items from Worthing Museum’s stores and brainstorm storm ideas for next year.

Gail introduced a selection of posters and postcards from the museum stores that provide context and reveal stories about life outside the camp.

1a. Posters (1)

For example the regular concerts in Worthing performed by Canadians and British regiments many of whom were stationed at Shoreham Camp. The postcards offered images of men at the army camp, satirical cartoons and a few personal messages.

Hamish brought out a delightful collection of toy soldiers made during the war and an original Sussex Regiment uniform. There was also a trench periscope used to peer over the top of a trench out into no man’s land and a training round for use on the rifle ranges.

4a.Military horses (1)





The toys included a bell tent. The first recruits who stayed in Shoreham stayed in these type of tents until huts were constructed.

3a.Toy soldiers (1)

The students and volunteers had plenty to discuss and were soon putting their heads together. The students focussed on their chosen film topics and our older volunteers offered their advice and insight as experienced researchers.

5a.Vols and students (1)

7a. Student & vol (1)

We are looking forward to see how the films are shaping up in the New Year. The final films will feature next year in our project exhibition and on a new website. So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming event dates early next year.




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